Wonderful Pool Care in 3 Easy Steps

Start with the right foundation . . . Optimizer® Plus™,

Then make pool care easy on yourself with the BioGuard® 3-Step Program
Clear, sparkling, lovely-to-swim-in water is what you get in a matter of minutes each week

*** Bring in a water sample for free computerized water analysis ***

STEP 1 : Sanitize To Kill Bacteria.
  • BEST PRODUCT CHOICE: Smart Sticks®
    Last up to twice as long because they almost stop dissolving when the pool pump is off. The stabilized chlorinating product kills bacteria continuously, while maintaining a constant chlorine level to protect swimmers.
  • ALTERNATIVE: Silk Sticks®
    Release chlorine residual slowly and steadily thanks to BioGuard’s® unique compression technology.

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BurnOutLite.jpg - 16624 Bytes STEP 2 : Oxidize and Clarify for Sparkling Clear Water
  • BEST PRODUCT CHOICE: BioGuard® Smart Shock®
    Used as a weekly maintenance step helps get rid of unwanted substances, like perspiration, that make your water cloudy and irritating to your eyes and skin.
  • ALTERNATIVE: Burn Out Extreme®
    Ideal after heavy rains or large bather load.

STEP 3 : Prevent Algae Growth
    Works hardest when you need algae protection the most - when temperatures rise. It’s the key to preventing algae.
  • ALTERNATIVE: Use Algae All 60
    For pools with attached spas or water features.

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3-Step Program is TOO complicated for me...


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