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This pool on Jourdan Way is undergoing a massive remodel. The owners decided to remodel the pool as part of a complete rennovation plan for the backyard - including construction of a new cabana.

Remodel Series 1 Photos The first step was to decide on a new shape, size and style for the pool.

Remodel Plan

Once the shape is determined, the necessary demolition to the existing pool begins. The pool bottom is punctured for drainage and fill is used to raise the floor of the pool. The main drain is extended and the fill is compacted before the new floor is put in. Remodel Series 3 Photos

Remodel Series 2b Photos

Because they have chosen to dramatically change the shape of this pool, forms must be built before the new pool walls can be put in. The change in shape will also require that the steps to the pool and the plumbing and electrical lines be reconfigured.   After the steel and forms are in place, (except for one area, which will be converted to a planter) the void between the old walls and the new walls will be filled with solid concrete gunite - as much as three feet thick in some areas.

After all of the form, plumbing and electrical work is completed the pool is ready for the new gunite shell and the deckwork can proceed.

Remodel Series 4.jpg

The homeowners chose to install an all slate deck with large bolders as accents and complementary white stone for the planting areas and spa facing. The deck area around the spa and back side of the pool was also raised. There are two sets of steps (on opposite sides of the pool) to the raised deck area.

The spa was raised to create a waterfall flowing from the spa into the main pool. The homeowners also chose to install "Minijet" fountain sprays in the deck on the backside of the pool. These seven "Minijets" mount flush into the deck and produce an arched stream of water that reaches approximately 4 feet into the pool.

The homeowners selected a Hydrazzo Gulfstream Blue finish.

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