• Spa Brominating Tablets: Slow-dissolving bromine tablets disinfect and sanitize water via a Bromine Floater or other in-line feeders.

  • Renew: Non-chlorine shock treatment that eliminates odors and reduces irritating contaminants for fresh, clear water.


  • Spa Bright and Clear: Developed specially for hot water treatment. Unique polymer action neutralizes and removes dirt, soap, oily films and suspended particles for clean fresh water.

  • Spa Scum Gone: Natural enzyme formulation reduces spa maintenance by breaking down oils, lotions and organics that can cause odors, scum lines and cloudy water.

  • Spa Foam Down: Effective blend of non-oil, anti foaming agents stops and retards foaming in any type of sanitized spa.

  • Spa Algaecide: Non-foaming algaecide kills and prevents all types of algae. Compatible with Bromine and Chlorine sanitized spas.

  • Spa Up:Granular products gently adjusts water pH and Alkalinity upward.

  • Spa Down:Granular products gently adjusts water pH and Alkalinity down.

  • Calcium Booster:Helps prevent foaming and equipment corrosion by raising level of water hardness.

  • Spa Defender: Prevents and inhibits calcium stain and scale buildup for protection of spa heaters and other equipment.

  • Spa Metal Gone: Prevents metal staining of spa surfaces by sequestering iron, copper and other minerals. Ideal when filling spa.